Did You Know Coca-Cola Nigeria Now sells and Distributes Alcohol?

Nigerian Bottling Company, bottlers of Coca-Cola Coke in Nigeria, is partnering with Scotland-based spirit firm Edrington to oversee the management and distribution of its premium spirits category.

Under its business division, Premium Spirits Nigeria, the giant beverage company will promote a wide range of premium Scotch whiskeys such as Macallan, Famous Grouse, jack daniels, and Highland Park by Coca-Cola Nigeria.

“Under this partnership, there will be expanded distribution of these brands,” said the Director, Premium Spirits Nigeria, Idowu Adedoyin during the media launch in December 2017.

“PS Nigeria will be wholly engaged in the sale and distribution of premium spirits pan-Nigeria by Coca-Cola Nigeria., with innovative plans to grow its product offerings to include other tops globally ranked premium spirit brands,” Adedoyin said.

According to the Regional Director (Africa), Edrington, Derek Brown, the decision to partner with PS Nigeria was due to its strength as well as a high distribution network and experience in the Nigerian market by Coca-Cola Nigeria.

“Over the years, Edrington has distinguished itself in the premium spirits segment in other markets where its brands are well established and are fully committed to marketing and promoting responsible drinking in line with local regulations,” Brown remarked.

Adedoyin further stated that PS Nigeria would continually engage Nigerian consumers across several platforms to increase awareness, drive engagement, and build brand affinity by Coca-Cola Nigeria.

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