Orijin Spirit Mixed Drink (33cl x 24)


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Orijin is a Nigerian alcoholic beverage produced by Diaego/Guinness Nigeria PLC. Sold in dark green 65cl glass bottles and marketed with an ABV of 6%, Orijin is similar to beer in appearance and strength. Unlike beer, the drink does not contain barley or hops, rather marketing itself as “a bittersweet blend with flavours of African herbs and fruit”. Ingredients listed on the label include water, alcohol, sugar and plant extract (kola nut, prune, oakwood, bitter orange peel, wormwood). The resulting flavor is a lightly fruity, bitter cocktail with a distinct medicinal taste. Anecdotally, many fans of the drink claim that the herbs that give the drink its distinctive flavor also act to prevent or counteract a hangover after a night of drinking.


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